Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to Make Him Feel You Truly Love Him - It's Easy When You Know These Secrets!

Are you dating someone right now and want to make him feel you truly love him? Are you afraid that your true feelings might scare him? Would you like for your relationship to last for a long, long time? It doesn't have to be a complicated process to make him feel you truly love him and you shouldn't have to worry about going overboard with your emotions. If you want to know the stress-free way of doing it, then continue to read this article.

Hold back on your feelings just a little bit.

Many women make the mistake of going overboard with their affections. They think that to make him feel you truly love him you have to shower him with affection and attention. This is far from the truth. With most guys, less is more. A guy wants to know that you care about him but he doesn't want to be embarrassed in front of his friends or family. This means that you shouldn't hang all over him when he's with the guys, don't pop up at work with cutesy cards and such, and resist the urge to write sappy messages around the house where his friends could come in and read them.

Don't jump ahead of the game.

Women also make the mistake of jumping ahead of the game. Watch for his signals and gauge his feelings as far as how he feels about you before you jump in and let him know how you really feel. You don't want to do it so quickly that he hasn't had a chance to catch up with you. It will make him feel rushed and unprepared and it could scare him away. Instead, show him with your actions and resist the urge to shout your love from the treetops. Slow down just a little bit and instead of worrying about where your relationship is going, enjoy it for where it is.

Show him you're interested in him.

Finally, the best way to make him feel you truly love him is by showing him that you are interested in him and what he likes. If there is something important to him, like football, then watch a game with him-even if you find it boring. He will appreciate the effort that you are making on his behalf.

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