Sunday, September 27, 2009

Does He Love Me? 3 Clues to Discover - Obtaining Knowledge

I often ask before, "Does he love me?" I can only see 3 clues to discover my man's hidden feelings and emotions. But, in dating, you try to sort out and eliminate the things that you consider undesirable in your life. From here, you start falling in love. The world seems to be painted with new colors and shades. You feel that nothing can ever dampen your mood and excitement.

Still the question remains, "Does he love me?" Nobody wants to waste time, energy and emotion for someone who is only going to offer you nothing but pain.

The thing is, everyone is unique. There are men who are open-minded and know how to express their emotions well. It would be better if you start paying attention to what his attitude and behavior is when it comes to you. You should notice his body language and try to pick up some hints in whatever he is saying. Sometimes men are really good at subtlety.

Always remember that if he really loves you, he will never be satisfied with whatever you are right now. He will find excuses to be with you often, talk with you and spend some leisure times together. He genuinely wants you to share your thoughts as he marvels by the fact that you are present in his life.

A person in love is open about almost anything. He shares with you his aspirations, career goals and ultimate passion. He may even share with you some of his memories and some of his deeper and darker secrets.

He will be willing to take the risks for you if he is really true to you. He compromises just because he knows you love to do something.

Does he love me? 3 clues to discover this secret has already been revealed. Some of the things may not be too obvious and sometimes it may take a while before you could realize what the clues really are.

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