Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finding the Right Triggers - What Makes a Guy Fall in Love?

Would you like to learn the secrets to what makes a guy fall in love? Do you have someone in your sights right now that you would like to make more than just a friend? Are you clueless about where you need to start? Sometimes it's hard to accept, but guys actually want to be in love too, for the most part. Truly, when a man falls in love he becomes quite serious about the matter. If you would really like to know what makes a guy fall in love then continue reading this article to find out what triggers you need to find and push.

Bonding, and not just in the sexual way, is very important. Although the sex part of the relationship is important, it is not what makes a guy fall in love. A strong friendship, on the other hand, can lead a guy down this path. When you are able to form a friendship with the guy then he will know that he can trust you and depend on you and that is important for longevity within a relationship. Be honest with him about what you want and what you are looking for and treat him with the same courtesy and respect that you would want to be treated with.

You should also be able to admire something about him other than his looks, and he needs to admire something about you as well. Show him all of your sides including your intelligence, your talents, your compassion, and even how good of a friend you can be. He might admire your curvy body, but he needs something more than this to keep him hooked on you.

Try to hold off on having sex for as long as you can. It's okay to have a strong physical attraction with someone in the beginning of the relationship, but you need to develop something more solid if you are looking for a relationship that is meaningful and that will last. If you are able to hold off on the sexual aspects, then you can develop the emotional bonds that are so imperative to falling in love and staying in love.

Keep these things in mind when you are considering how to make the move on your guy. By learning what makes a guy fall in love, you will be better equipped to handle your new found relationship.

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